We provide a means by which ministers' spouses, widows, and widowers may share mutual concerns, support, communication, and fellowship. We support widows and widowers through gifts, prayers, and continued fellowship. We provide scholarships for children of ministers of the CME Church. We create a direct service venue for concerns of health and civic issues. We promote friendship, service, and a helpful spirit to local congregations, districts, and connectional concerns.  

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Department Bylaws

From left to right:

Mrs. Wanda Henry, 1st Vice President; Mrs. Annette Dillard, Asst. Secretary; Mrs. Elaine Banks, Corresponding Secretary; Mrs. Sandra Holt, Membership Chairman; Mrs. Felecia Johnson, Vice President; Mrs. Carolyn Hassell. President; Mrs. Clara Dickerson, Parliamentarian; Mrs. Carolyn Hendricks, Worship Leader; Mrs. Marilyn Mitchell, Secretary; Mrs. Audrey Johnson, Financial Secretary; not pictured, Mrs. Martha Ann Wiley, Treasurer




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