Episcopal Representatives & Department Officers

Patron Bishop

Bishop Godwin T. Umoette
Presiding Bishop 

The Tenth Episcopal District 

Address:  P.O. Box 4312
UYO, Akwa Iborn State, Nigeria


Mrs. Audrey Johnson - 1st Episcopal District

Mrs. Wanda Henry - 2nd Episcopal District

Wanda Henry.JPG
Mrs. Elaine Banks - 4th Episcopal District

Mrs. Carolyn Hendricks - 3rd Episcopal District

Mrs. Martha Ann Wiley- 6th Episcopal District
Mrs. Felecia Johnson- 8th Episcopal District
Mrs. Annette Dillard -7th Episcopal District
Mrs. Marilyn Mitchell- 9th Episcopal District
Mrs. Clara Dickerson, Parliamentarian
Mrs. Sandra Holt, Membership Chairman
Mrs.  Carolyn Hassell - 5th Episcopal District
Ministers' Spouses Widows/Widowers

Thanks to each of the members of the CME Ministers' Spouses for the unprecedented work and service that was reported at our last annual meeting. This is just a sample of what we did last year:

      Awarded $8000.00 in scholarships to our young people.

      Gave a gift of $4000.00 to Paine College, Lane College, Miles College and Texas College.

      Remembered the widows of our church 

      Ministered to sick and hospitalized members of our church

      Supported the thousands of churches across the globe.