Our Team Members


Annette Dillard

Assistant Secretary

Annette serves with her husband, Rev. Dillard. She is a professional in tax preparation and a force in business.. She assists the recording secretary in her duties and is the official historian for the department.


Carolyn Hendricks

Worship Leader

Carolyn serves along side her husband, Rev. hendricks. This dynamic duo has served in several charges in the 3rd district. They are truly itinerant!


Felecia Johnson

Vice President

Felecia serves with her husband, Rev, Johnson. They share a love of family and and ministry. Felecia is an accomplished IT professional and an eternal student. She has received two degrees while caring for her family and working on her professional career.


Sandra Holt

Membership Chairman

She has accepted the task of building our membership data and reclaiming members.


Audrey Johnson

Financial Secretary

Audrey represents the 1st Episcopal District . This historic district encompasses the sets of Tennessee and Arkansas.


Clara Dickerson


Clara serves with her husband, Presiding Elder Dickerson in the 8th Episcopal District. She is a child of the parsonage and knows the church intimately. She brings to the ministry a gift of music in voice and piano. Clara adds much to this department as well as other areas of the church.


Marilyn Mitchell

Recording Secretary

Marily represents the 9th Episcopal District. She serves with her husband Rev. Mitchell in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. This lively couple enjoys their large family, traveling, and hosting their extended family.


Wanda Henry

!st Vice President

Wandy serves in the second episcopal district where her husband has end continues to depart wisdom, though retire. She has served as region president and other capacities in the second district.


Carolyn Hassell


Carolyn represents the 5th Episcopal District.


Elaine Banks

Corresponding Secretary

Elaine serves with her husband in the 4th Episcopal District comprising the states of Mississippi and Louisiana.. The couple has served in the sixth district as well. Elaine is a composite of charm and grace. She has a heart for details and remembers others in her efforts of ministry. She is the chairman of the Courtesies Committee for the connection.


Martha Ann Wiley


Martha Ann represents the 6th Episcopal District. She is a veteran of the department having served for eight years.